Let’s start, as promised, with the terminology:

the franchisor is the owner of the ownership of a company name. With a franchise agreement, he assigns the name, initials and trademarks to the figure of the franchisee;

The Franchisee is the one who, through an economic agreement, acquires the know-how (knowledge-knowledge) software for franchisor.

In order for the franchising path to be really convenient, it is necessary to act with knowledge and study all the reasons that lead you to start a certain business rather than another and to tie yourself up with the franchise agreement to a chain of storessoftwareforfranchisor.

The first step we recommend taking, and which we therefore consider necessary, will be an analysis of the franchisor and his brand. In this way it will be possible to verify the trend (the trend) of growth over the years. We could immediately realize in this way whether it is a good opportunity to pursue success by ‘getting married’ with a brand or if in the event of a negative trend it will be necessary to turn towards other types of brands.

After analyzing the trend, we can begin to broaden our analysis by studying as much as possible the path and the evolutionary dynamics of the parent company. With the help of an expert (your trusted accountant could help you in these cases) study the franchise package offered. Opening a franchise may seem rather simple to do, and in fact it is, but if you intend to achieve success, know that you must study the whole case concerning the trends, requests and reputation of the franchisor company.

An analysis of the economic prospects, the hypothesis of the possible average turnover, the return to the investment: these are all things to be taken into consideration in order for the path to prove satisfactory.

Some really good ideas could be: monitor the type of contract, check the quality of the franchise, study the place of opening.

Franchising in recent years has been a widely used commercial formula , with a turnover of around 22 billion. We have around 1000 registered franchisors. 50,000 points of sale. 180 thousand employed. Respectable numbers.

December 2021