Video Surveillance – Access Controls and more

If you have IP security cameras installed in your home, community or business – or are you thinking of doing so – I will tell you some of the pros and cons of these video surveillance systems: IP cameras. This system is gaining popularity due to its ease of adaptation to structures where there is a data network that can be used.

Let’s not forget that IP security cameras and access control systems in Chicago are characterized by being an IoT device. And without an Internet connection, they wouldn’t work properly. In short, it is a very comfortable technology for the user and with some advantages when installed. But we must take into account the disadvantages of a connected device if it is connected to the Internet. Or, for example, it may require a unique UTP cable to operate.

IP security cameras: pros and cons

It is important to remember that your needs must always be taken into consideration in order to make a security decision that should be used at home or at work.

In fact, employer checks, in the absence of a well-defined perimeter, could take place in multiple phases: examination of candidates, hiring, evaluation of work performance, planning and organization of work, health and safety of the workplace, protection of the employee’s assets, and termination of the employment relationship.

A principle now considered to be peaceful both in Doctrine and in jurisprudence is that the need to avoid unlawful conduct on the part of employees cannot be of such significance as to justify a substantial annulment of any form of guarantee of the dignity and confidentiality of the worker. However, there have been – especially in recent years – regulatory interventions and interpretative guidelines that demonstrate how the delicate matter is still in “ferment” today, precisely because of a logical search for a balance of opposing interests that must be identified whenever new tools are introduced and remote control techniques for workers. Visit to know more.

December 2021