The Ideal Strain For You

Find The Ideal Strain For You: Discovering The Different Kinds!

Cannabis or marijuana strains are not just a few species, it is being said that there are over 720 kinds of them that exist in different parts of the world. It is why you can read some articles about various names of strains, such as gelato, blue dream, OG kush, granddaddy purple, white widow, and a lot more. If you decide to decide one by one, perhaps you would take years due to the numbers of them. Weed Strains are classified into three main types:

  1. Sativa. A type of strain that has a pair well and uplifting effects with activities like being physically active and in social gatherings.
  2. Indica. It has the opposite side of the Sativa, which gives a relaxing effect that helps boost a deep physical sedation level. A type of strain which great of times when needing a deep sleep.
  3. Hybrid. A type of strain that falls between Sativas and Indicas. It offers a combination of relaxing and energizing effects. It is great when it is too early for Indica strains sedation or too late for the energizing Sativas.

Each of the strain types has unique effects on the mind and body.

Weeds use is on the rise in many parts of the world due to its versatility in the form of medication. Many research studies found that weeds have the potential to have different medical conditions, including epilepsy, anxiety, and chronic pain. However, any medical and recreational weed user can tell that not all weeds are created equal. The different strains of weeds produce various effects, which will be used for several reasons.

Guide to marijuana strains

If weeds or marijuana are legal in your country and you are looking to try it, yet unsure which strains best fit your needs, we have got you covered. Here is the example of weed strains according to their types:

Guide to marijuana strains

  • Sativa family:
    • Sour diesel
    • Jack Herer
    • Green crack
    • Durban poison
  • Indica family:
    • Purple punch
    • Ice cream cake
    • Zkittlez
    • Do-Si-Dos
    • GMO cookies
  • Hybrid family:
    • GG4
    • Wedding cake
    • Runtz
    • GSC
    • Sherbert

These are just a few of the marijuana strains according to their types. Weeds plants are one of the many wonderful things in this world. With the different types of this plant, it has also different effects and usage for both recreational and medical purposes. The varieties of the plant have different characteristics that made them different from each other, which makes them unique.

October 2021