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Boxing Bummer Blast: Kavanaugh backs Jake Paul

The brains behind the new face of boxing

Kavanaugh was as nostalgic about Mike Tyson versus jones Jr. last year, he told in an exclusive interview conducted with the upcoming superstar website reported by Kelsey McCarson, now known as Ryan Kavanaugh Video. He explained why he chose to broadcast a great event. Former YouTube host Jake Paul plays against former UFC boxer Ben Askern. Hollywood studio producer and billionaire businessman Kavanaugh said that Paul is the perfect crossover superstar for the next crossover thriller that boxing needs to attract a younger audience. In addition, Kavanaugh said that Paul would face Askeron, who combines boxing, social media, and mixed martial arts.

All about Ryan Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh believes that Paul has enough talent to be considered a true boxer. You may wonder who can beat Paul and who can’t, but there is no doubt that he has become a professional legal wrestler. He is a boxer and has been knocked down twice since his last two matches. It is a good record, for starters. Kavanaugh also suggested that the younger around 24-year-old American fan base would follow more people like Paul in boxing. Today’s young people dream of becoming a star on social media. This is why Paul has become one of the most controversial figures in the martial arts world today, but what he said and the polarization of frequent transactions also helped him promote martial arts. Kavanaugh reviewed all the data. This data shows that Paul and Askeron will create a new group of boxing fans.

Boxing with Jake Paul: A new deal for the show

Jack Paul appeared in the form of a nebula. Nebula dies only to burn brighter. Jake’s YouTube career may have died, but he emerged as an even bigger celebrity in boxing. In the battle with Askeron, Kavanaugh, the co-owner of Triller, explained how boxing needs an audience attracted by Jack to become a new sport in the show business.

What do the people want?

 In the last event, they realized that people need entertainment. The data set is still uncertain, but we cannot stop Kavanaugh from challenging previously unknown territory. According to Ryan Kavanaugh Video, this doesn’t mean that he is wrong because he doesn’t know what is true, and it also makes it a bit dangerous. Askren seems to be as polarized as Paul, which is harmless. But the public wants to see him and follow his bold steps confidently.

December 2021