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Benefits of using herbs in cooking

Not every country in the world has a same cooking style or the dishes that are being prepared. This varies because of the varying availability of the food products at different places. In India, rice, millets and wheat are grown and are considered as a staple food along with vegetables and fruits. Similarly, china will have its own food habits and United States it’s own habits and so on. If you are atleast a beginner in cooking, there are lots of possibilities that you would have known what herbs are. If you find some in the stores, make sure you freeze your green herbs to sustain it for days and weeks.

Any food would be tempting to eat only when there is a good flavor and taste in it. Flavor can be obtained only when you add appropriate herbs either in a powder or in leaf form during cooking. The taste can be obtained in a food when you add appropriate spices in a correct proportion along with required amount of salt. Read below to know the uses of herbs in cooking. They are as follows,

  • You never need to add any sugar or salt or any other bad ingredients into your food to make it tasty, rather adding herbs would do the same. It not only gives taste to the food but also provides essential antioxidants to the body and prevents from dangerous diseases. You just have to freeze your green herbs to prolong it’s shelf life.
October 2021