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AI and VR: Merging of two technologies

Technology is the wave of the future and considering all the advances in technology that are taking place at a rapid pace. It is safe to say that the wave of future technology is here. Technology is touching our lives constantly. We have become so much reliant on technology that it has become impossible to imagine life without it. Global society will become more reliant on technology and it advances daily. There are numerous benefits of technological devices which are constantly improving our lives.

We are already looking at the next phase of technological development, in which we are doing multiple tasks from one single device which are kept in our pocket easily. And when we are merging the technologies then it would be much more beneficial. In all of these mergers, virtual reality and artificial intelligence are standing out.

Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality are very new. VR is using technology for creating stimulating environments. While AI is aiming for outfitting technological devices. The combination of VR and AI will bring seemingly endless possibilities.

What future holds for VR and AI

Below are some of the ways by which a combination of AI and VR will change our everyday experiences.

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Dynamic Travel and Tourism

The travel and tourism industry have already employed VR. Hotels, Airlines, Resorts, top tourist locations, and amusement parks are using the latest technology for giving prospective customers their experiences. VR will give the travelers what staying in the resort will be like. It will bring photos and descriptions more to life by letting people explore the resort. When Clinc AI is mix into it and customers will experience more dynamic potential trips.

Immersive Shopping

With VR customers are allowed to try out the products in the virtual environment before making the purchase. They can try clothing or even test drive the car. And AI is enhancing this shopping experience. A shopper who is interested in buying the furniture can use VR for testing the chairs and couches. This AI will introduce the virtual sales associate who can make the recommendations.

Engaging Entertainment

VR has dramatically changed the entertainment industry. VR headsets have provided simulated environments to gamers. And in this AI will make background characters more intelligent in video games.

With AI all the other technologies will experience more interaction and engagement.

October 2021