A detailed view of the life of Richelieu Dennis

Richelieu Dennis is an American businessman born in Liberian and also he is one of the founders of Sundial Brands. This brand will include Nubian Heritage and Shea Moisture which have dominated the market of natural hair and black skin care for several years. In 2017, the Sundial Brands Company that was run by Dennis along with his mother Mary has been gained by an international company for 1.5 million dollars of cost.

Early life and biography of Richelieu Dennis

Richelieu Dennis was born in the year 1969 on 25th February in Monrovia at Liberia and his mother Mary have worked for the government when his father has been worked as an insurance executive and also his mother was an economist. While he was growing, Liberia, his country was in civil unrest and this has escalated into war so that his mother has moved his sister and Dennis back and forth for the neighboring.

After completing their high school education, he got an academic scholarship in Boston from Babson College and he got a scholarship in the United States, and this is how he ended up on the soil of America. During his college time, his mother used to send some skincare products from the recipes of his grandmother.

Richelieu Dennis is one of the successors who have succeeded in separating their professional lives from their personal ones. He has married a lady Martha and has 3 daughters and maintained a happy life with lots of love and affection with his family.

After he got the scholarship, his mother started to send him for selling the shea butter to his college mates and this has made to become a businessman. In between his mother was unable to send him money for his use due to the escalating conflict that was happened in Liberia and during this time he has started to sell products on his own.

December 2021