Alexei Orlov the founder and CEO of MTM

A detailed review about Alexei Orlov

In earlier stage Alexei Orlov plays a leadership role in church and he was in an idea of becoming a successful priest in his life. So he helps the people by navigating through spiritual journeys. Then he was forced to leave seminary.

After leaving seminary he was joined in the merchandising field. From this field he learned about developing the creative and valuable business skills.

What is the first business started by Alexei Orlov?

After quitting in the field of merchandising he has an idea of starting his own business based on commercial recovery and brand promoting strategy. So he started ROCQM and MCW as his first step in branding department. This gave him a huge success and he sold it to some company with good profit. This initial success helps to know about the ability skills like building and the acquiring in him.

Reason for starting MTM choices:

 After selling his company for good profit Alexei Orlov started a new business with Umbrella Corporation. At that time he has developed two new skills like building and acquiring. Then he makes a lifetime entrepreneurial business called as MTM choices. In the year of 2016 alexie Orlov developed MTM choices with operational change management and marketing deployment. As he was expert in global brand strategy this MTM has become more successful. Also MTM was created from the belief of Moments That Matter.

Alexei Orlov the founder and CEO of MTM

Works and honours for Alexei Orlov in his career:

Alexia Orlov had crossed many experiences and works to become successful in his life. Here are some of his articles, honor and works.

His experience and works;

  • Founder and CEO of MTM.
  • In DAS group of companies he was the senior advisor to global CEO.
  • Global chief executive officer in RAAP.
  • In Volkswagen group of china he worked as a chief marketing officer.
  • Executive vice chairman in worldwide companies.

Some of the articles done by Alexei are listed below:

  • Own your life: There is more to you.
  • Dynamic brand activation: capturing the importance of fandom and need
  • Alexei Orlov weaves philosophy and empathy into business success.

Awards which Alexei got during his period are listed below:

  • Cannes gold lion award in the year 2013.
  • CMO of the year/ASEAN in the year 2013
  • CMO of the year/ASEAN in the year 2012 by the world brand congress.

As all these elevation of Alexei Orlov has been comes with priesthood in earlier stages.

September 2021