What are the cycle of head lice?

Basically, there are types of lice which you can found a nit or an adult one. And to get rid of it you should know how they look like and what are the stages. And if your resident is in the Tampa area then you can easily go to the Lice Doctors website and ask for an appointment for lice treatment in Tampa.

The first one is Nits

These are referred to as the eggs of lice and they are hard to see and you can get confused with dandruff. And they are found attached with your hair shaft. Their shape is oval and the length is around 2 to 3 and the colour is yellow or white. If you get them then it’s best for you to remove them and it will take almost one week to hatch. So if you get them then try to remove these ones also so that they will not trouble you afterward.

Second is Nymph

These are the second stage of nits after they get hatched and turned into babies as known as nymphs. You can see them as they will not look like dandruff but smaller than adult head lice. But they are mature into around a week. And if you are not able to find nits then try to remove this one with proper treatment.

Last is the adult head lice

The adult one is bigger and similar to a sesame seed. It has around six legs and darker in colour as compared to the Nymph one. These lice can live for around 28 to 30 days almost a month. To live on the person’s head, the adult lice need to feed on human blood and if the louse falls off then it will die within almost 2 days.

October 2021