Types of Cardiovascular Diseases

The main reason for the death of people is cardiovascular diseases. Several people in the world die because of heart strokes or heart attacks. There are many reasons for the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, like, sedentary lifestyle, high blood pressure, obesity, no physical activity, or family history as well. The unawareness about the symptoms and lack of knowledge about the various diseases leads to many premature deaths. These can be prevented if people know about the types of cardiovascular diseases and their symptoms. Visit cardiocarellc.com to get your next consultation done by one of the best cardiologists in maryland.

Here are some types of cardiovascular diseases that you must know:

  1. Hypertension: when the pressure of blood in the arteries increases continuously, this condition is called hypertension or increased blood pressure. Due to the continuous increase in pressure of blood, the heart needs to pump blood at a high rate which can cause heart failure, heart damage, or sudden stroke.
  2. Coronary heart disease: due to the development of plaque in the coronary arteries through which the oxygen and blood are supplied to heart muscles, the condition of coronary heart disease occurs. Plaque is generally caused by the different substances available in the blood such as cholesterol, fat, etc. As time flies, the plaque available in the arteries hardens which causes the coronary arteries to get narrower, and as a result the blood supply through these arteries to heart muscles limits. The area where the plaque is developed can be torn causing a blood clot to form at the area where the rupture has happened. As blood clot increases its size over time, the flow of blood to heart muscles through arteries can be blocked out completely. This situation can cause the patient a heart attack or pain in the chest. Sometimes, when the treatment cannot be provided at the moment, the heart attack can even cause the death of the patient.
  3. Peripheral artery disease: peripheral arteries carries blood to limbs, organs, and head. When plaque starts to develop in these arteries the blood flow can be disturbed. Continuous increase in build-up of plaque can bound or completely stop the flow of blood to the limbs, organs, or head. This disease can be considered as the step towards developing coronary artery disease shortly.
  4. Congenital heart disease: although there are no particular reasons for this disease to occur, some conditions can contribute to developing congenital heart disease. The conditions such as intake of cocaine during pregnancy, HIV infection in pregnant mother, diabetes during pregnancy, toxoplasmosis – this is an infection which is transferred through the use of some drugs that are prescribed or taken by any chance during pregnancy or family history of this disease, etc. Congenital heart disease is one of the reasons for new-born deaths (less than one year) and this birth defect occurs in infants.


Cardiovascular diseases can be treated if noticed timely and one can also keep himself at bay from cardiovascular diseases by keeping blood pressure under control, by leaving smoking and drinking alcohol, taking diet properly as per their body needs, doing regular exercises, etc. to prevent the cardiovascular diseases, one should understand the types, diseases and their causes.

October 2021