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The Going Rate Of The Prestigious Morgan Silver Dollars

There are literally trillions of coins around the world. Most of them would be used to pay for a certain item at a cheap monetary value. These coins are often overlooked due to the heavy and clunky nature of its design. However, there are some coins that are considered to be extremely rare and valuable even now. The prestigious Morgan Silver Dollars is one of those rare coins.

But how hard is it to actually find one of these rare Morgan Silver Dollars? Is it even worth keeping this type of coin if you happen to find one? Read on to find out more.

Morgan Silver Dollar Values

The rate of these rare silver coins back in the day was but a half-dollar. This is not entirely cheap nor is it expensive to have one. So what makes the value of the silver dollar rise now?

One of the major reasons for the Morgan Silver dollar values is from their materials. The use of silver back in 1878 was a costly power move decision that backfired instantly. This caused plenty of mint production sites to work tenfold just to keep up with the demand from the congress.

Coin Collecting

The final production count of this coin in its 30-year run is 22,490,000. You might think that there would be plenty of these to go around then, even during this day and age. However, more than half of the coins were recalled to be melted back into silver. This made the coin significantly rarer.

But what makes the coin so prestigious is the rare 1st-week production dyes that it used. When the first week of production was made, the coin would house an 8 feathered eagle as a logo. This, however, proved to be a bad decision as the dyes kept breaking. As such, the coin was immediately changed to only house 7 feathers instead of 8. This caused that particular coin to become one of the rarest in the world today.

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