The Different Vape Types You Need To Know About

Buying vapes can be confusing especially when you are on a mission to quit smoking. Nicotine Vapes and Cannabis Vapes are Myst disposable that you find in the markets. They function in all classic vape pens.

  1. Nicotine Vapes

These are the e-cigarettes that you find but most are used to define small devices that look like cigarettes.

  • E-cigarettes

These are the smallest that you will find. Once you take the packet, it is ready to be used. These are ideal for travel purposes. E-cigarettes have high amounts of nicotine, providing a satisfying hit that makes them well into the world of vaping.

  • Pod vapes

These are the practical vaping devices that you find. It is a two-piece device with one piece which is the battery and the other, a refillable pod. Amazing for nicotine salt e-liquid, it makes efficient nicotine delivery.

  • Box mods

These are larger than vapes having better battery life as well as give better performance. It comes with so many variable wattages like temperature control. The tanks included comes with mouth to lung clearomizers.

  1. CBD Vapes

It comes in smoking bongs, bubblers, dab rigs, etc. Desktop and portables are the two types of CBD vapes that you find.

  • CBD Vape pens

A refillable CBD vape pen is one that can be filled with CBD e juice for myst disposable. It comes with a tank with a rechargeable 510 thread battery. The pen is lighter with average tank mode.

  • THC oil pens

THC oil pens are a two-way device and are shaped like writing pens. Each of the weed pens has a small battery that hits up the pen turning the concentrates into vapor.


These are some common vape types you find. Which one interests you the most?

October 2021