Fascial blasting has become a new and trending phenomenon for weight loss and cellulite reduction in the health and wellness industry. A lot of women and men are affected by cellulite in the fleshy areas of thighs, buttocks and stomach at some point in their lives. There are no harmful effects of having cellulite, it is a pretty common process. There is not enough explanation as to why it occurs although a generally balanced diet and healthy lifestyle might help in preventing it. It appears as lumps and dimples with an ‘orange peel’ appearance on the skin that is generally unappealing to look at, making it a reason for embarrassment among a lot of people.

How does fascial blasting work?

Fascial blasting is a form of fascial manipulation, which is known to help loosen the the seized up fascial tissues thereby facilitating easy mobility and flexibility. This is done by using a plastic like tool to massage the areas affected by muscular pain or injury in order to help pain reduction.

Since fascia muscles are also responsible for the cellulite production, stretching and manipulation of these muscles could potentially help improve the appearance of it. The market is filled with tools like cellulite blasters that use this phenomenon in their claims for weight loss, pain relief and cellulite reduction.

Some known side-effects.

Although a lot of people have known to benefit from fascial blasting, there are a few cases where it has gone wrong. Fascial manipulation has caused a lot of mild to even some drastic side effects in many of its users. Especially the device called FasciaBlaster, recently introduced by a self-identified scientist Ashley Black, had gone viral everywhere after its equally mixed reviews. While some of these people raved on about how it changed their life, there have been just as equal bad reviews and complaints about the device. Even though the inventor made claims that this device, which looks like a stick with octopus like claws, guarantees cellulite reduction and its removal, this has not been properly researched by medical professionals and scientists. Some common side effects that were noted include,

  • Severe muscle bruising
  • Weight gain
  • Sagging skin
  • Increased cellulite
  • Nausea
  • Menstruation changes
  • Skin discoloration
  • Makes varicose veins worsen

Clinical studies have shown that massage may be a short-term treatment to smooth out cellulite, however there is very little evidence for it being a permanent solution.

Fascial blasting maybe a good method for athletes in case of pain and injury, but not suitable for cosmetic reasons. If you have sensitive skin that is prone to bruising then the fascia blaster is sure to make it even more worse.

Finally, if you are still thinking of getting a fascia blaster then its best to consult with a specialist or a medical practitioner and rule out any health or skin conditions that might get aggravated with its use.

October 2021