Delicious vaping flavors in disposable vape pens


Disposable vape pens might be a bit expensive but not here at green caviar club where there are disposables for sale with the minimal price and the reasonable price available with various flavors. These are the best solution if you want to experiment with various kinds of flavors as there are many numbers of products with dozens of flavors which are available in the store. You can check the reviews and price before you purchase and the best thing here is the starting price of vape pens which is available in the store is only $5.

Non-rechargeable vape pens

Disposable E-cigarettes or disposable vape pens are small devices that don’t require recharge as their pre-charged and also prefilled with vape juice. They can be thrown away once the e-liquid is finished and they are designed in such a way that no need to fill any kind of vape juice or no need to recharge it before they are used.

Each of these disposable vape pens should have approximately 100 to 200 hits and this measurement also can vary depending upon the brand which it is manufactured and approximately a typical user of these vape pens will get 400 puffs from each disposable E-cigarette or disposable vape pens which is equal to 2 packs of cigarettes which are the traditional ones.

The team of this e-store is providing the best vaping products by handpicking all kinds of brands so that quality is ensured for each and every product they put up on the website and one thing that has to be noted is that the entire staff which works for this store are enthusiasts of vaping and this will help in identifying the best product.

If you are looking to buy this vape pen, then you can check online as there are many kinds of vape pens available and particularly there are two major kinds of vape pens such as disposable and rechargeable e-cigarettes. The choice depends upon the usage of the vape pen and there are both advantages and disadvantages of using these disposable as well as rechargeable vape pens and you can decide whatever suits you and purchase them.


Disposable vape pens are convenient and portable which comes with the vape juice filled in prior and no need to fill any kind of liquid as and also one more important feature here is it comes with fully charged and can be used immediately. Just you have to open the pack and start enjoying vaping and once you run out of the liquid or the vape juice in the vape pen you can dispose of it or discard it safely

October 2021